The Beginning

One evening, as I photographed Tel-Aviv city from above, I noticed something interesting.
The people, who are usually the main subject in our daily photos, suddenly became irrelevant.
As I watched, the city became something like a stage, but instead of people playing parts, the buildings themselves were the stars of the show, but they were stiff and lifeless.
That was the moment I realized I could use my skills as an animator to bring them to life.
Using an animation software I helped them bend and touch each other.
This is how I imagine buildings would hug if they could.


Each picture starts with a simple question - what would you like to do today?
Would a camera like to have its picture taken for a change?
Would a hammer go on a rampage in a city of nails?
Would a power tower want to break out of the confines of its wires?

The Process

I prefer to do as much as I can without editing software, as I feels it gives the image a more realistic, immediate look.
I'll start by preparing the scene. I stabilize the objects using simple materials such as cardboard and superglue.
"Flying" objects such as the strawberry in "Food Fight" will generally be held by hand using a toothpick, for example.
It's a time and patience consuming work. The smaller the objects, the harder it is to stabilize them while keeping the reference materials hidden from camera.
Some rules have been made in order for this project to be consisted. I'll only add arms and legs when needed.
To do so, I use a 3D software named Lightwave which I use daily as an Animator.
It allows me to model the arms/legs and recreate the lighting condition and proper camera settings to make the 3D render fit the original frame.

There are many more objects with a story to tell.

Publication on: ViralNova, PetaPixel, Gizmodo, BoredPanda, PhotographyBlogger.net, Pitria(Hebrew),

About the artist, ErAn Croitoru

I'm a photographer and an animator.
With many years of experience, I've created commercials, movies for visitor centers and recently focused on creating TV shows for children.
This project is giving me the stage to combine many forms of art during the creation of each image.